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June 17th, 2011

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Obama 1St Year In Office

December 21st, 2009
tatar job asked:

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I have noticed of late that “some” Barack Obama supporters are incapable of admitting when their candidate makes a mistake and spend their time looking to see who is talking about Obama and rushing to the rescue if anyone dares point out the truth of his words, actions or positions, if it doesn’t fit with the Obama is the “Messiah” narrative.

It looks like I am not the only one noticing this attack mode mentality of Barack Obama supporters, which I liken to the Ron Paul  SUPPORTERS  which are almost like a distant memory at this point.

It starts with the article, from the LA TIMES  which I saw over at memeorandum  which says Barack Obama has a big problem with West Virginia voters, and then I click a couple of the blogs under the “discussion” category and lo and behold, I ran across this from Mydd, referencing the LA Times article, but with some harsh words at the beginning of the MyDD piece issued directly to Obama supporters.


I’d humbly suggest, to all the Obama supporters that join us here on this blog, that if you can’t stand the heat of the West Virginia primary, you stay out of the kitchen. While I’m at it, I also suggest that you refrain from accusations against West Virginians as being racist, or you’ll join the other 6 previous users here, whose offensive comments were deleted on Friday, and that were themselves banned from the site. This is a political junkie website, we thrive on primary and election coverage. When Obama blew out Clinton in Wyoming, it was blogged excessively here, both in the run-up and the day of the event coverage, and it’ll be the same way with West Virginia. You don’t like that? Fine, its a big wide blogosphere, go find a blog that has its head in the sand. Are the ground rules understood?


Although the writer makes it clear that Obama supporters had become offensive to the point where their comments have been deleted and users have been banned, they didn’t provide any examples, so I will do so from my own comment section and I will use the most recent example which is from a post done this morning about Barack Obama saying that he had visited 57 states and has one to go, which excluded Hawaii and Alaska….which seems to imply Obama thinks there are 60 states in America.

Clearly a mistake, whether from exhaustion, weariness or simply stupidity, but instead of being capable of acknowledging that Obama made a mistake, one of his supporters leaves this as a comment:


I am tired of all the slander that comes from Hillary. She forgets that her husband singed the NAFTA agreement that sent our jobs out of the USA in the first place. Now she is going to get those jobs back,HA. And as for her gas tax ploy, until the government places a cap on the price fromt the oil companies, what is going to stop them from raising the price of gas to cover the money they would pay from excessive profits. Nowing how the oil companiws work, they would raise the price of gas to cover the loss and add another 10 to 20% as a way to show the American people who runs this country. Wake up Hillary, and see what is really going on.

bob |


Now, if you go read the actual post it deals directly with Barack Obama misspeaking, nothing more, nothing less, and yet, as the old Paul supporters used to do, this “bob” couldn’t even address the topic at all, couldn’t admit his candidate made a mistake and could only manage to attack Hillary Clinton, which I might add, there are plenty of other threads about Hillary in which he could have made points about Hillary.

But I digress.

Of course I asked”bob” what his comment had to do with Barack obama saying he had visited 57 states, and received no answer, because no doubt, “bob” was doing searches to see who else is talking about Obama so he can go leave completely unrelated comments in those articles as well.

It was back in February when I SAID about pundits calling Barack a “cult” personality, and it seems that those supporters, not all of them, but enough to make blog owners and media notice, are starting to act like they have lost their minds… back then even other previous Edwards supporters who are now Obama supporters were stating that they were getting “weirded out by some of the more radical Obama supporters.

The moderate Obama supporters can and do discuss issues, so please do not assume anyone is painting them all with the same brush, but there are radicals out there and they seem drawn to Obama in a cult-like way that is appearing less and less healthy and more and more radical with each and every passing day.

Just as many of the more unbalanced Paul supporters harmed him in the election process, I have no doubt that those making themselves appear overly radical will harm Obama in the general election in November against John McCain.

To be taken with any seriousness, you have to be able to acknowledge your candidates mistakes and misstatements and even challenge your own candidate on issues you don’t agree with.

To deny those mistakes, to try to distract from them by attempting to change the subject rather than facing them head on, is showing that you cannot deal with reality and you cannot show any objectivity in which others can take you seriously in what you say about your candidate.

It may not make much of a difference in the Democratic race for the nomination, but it most assuredly will make a very large difference in the general election process.

(Side note) The original  article showing Obama has a problem is West Virginia offended Don Surber who, rightly so, thinks that instead of gracefully admitting they might just be defeated in West Virginia, they seem to feel the need to smear the state and their voters.

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The Obama Effect

December 16th, 2009
Roland Laird asked:

During a recent segment on an ESPN sports show, Andre Iguodala of the Philadelphia 76ers was being interviewed by one of the show’s reporters. As the hour wound down, the in-studio host asked Mr. Iguodala, “Why did you do the interview outside? It’s so cold, and you’re not even wearing a hat.” Iguodala replied, “Hey that’s how President Obama did it — in the cold with no hat. I have to step it up.”

Iguodala then went on to mention how excited he was about President Obama, and that in his hometown (ironically, Springfield, Illinois), the test scores for Black males have gone up since President Obama was appointed to office.

The ad hoc interview responses of a Black athlete are far from a testament of Barack Obama’s impact on the Black Community. They do, however, point to a state of mind — at least in some sections. For instance, I’ve gotten a significant number of emails from people recapping their Inauguration Day experiences. All were upbeat and ranged from how proud they were to be Americans, to this occasion being the first time they’d ever seen their father cry. In the same vain, barbershops are reporting a resurgence of the “caesar” cut that Obama wears, although now it’s being called an ‘Obama’. There is even a humorous comic strip making the rounds that speculates 5 years from now, the first day of school in the Black Community will have scores of children with names like ‘Obamalita Jackson’ and ‘Obama Taylor’, to name a few.

I’m clearly stating the obvious by saying the emergence on President Obama has had a positive impact on the mood in the Black Community. A cynic could legitimately say that good feelings can only get you so far, but I think the cynic would be missing the point.

One of the major issues in the Black Community is the negative and stereotypical reporting of the news. I’m not a big news watcher, but whenever I sample it there is a preponderance of my people being reported as criminals or crime victims. Every now and then there are “feel good”stories, but those stories are far outweighed by the ruinous and painful stories I mentioned. Without fear of contradiction, I can say that Barack Obama’s Presidency has changed the texture of the nightly news for the next four (hopefully eight) years. Night after night, the news will report on a Black man who also happens to be the most influential and powerful person in the world. In tracking the impact this will have, the closest thing I can think of is the impact Muhammad Ali had on young Black boys like myself in the 1970′s. Ali stood tall, and spoke without any equivocation. He was Black, he was proud; but more importantly he was a man of his time.

Now Barack Obama is not the outspoken, pull no punches man that Ali was, but he doesn’t need to be; he is THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. When he speaks, no matter the amplitude or intensity, people have no choice but to listen. Just as Ali impacted people like me to be proud of who I am and to pull no punches, President Obama casts an image of dignity and grace under pressure. He too is a man of his time, for in these boisterous days, seeing a Black man exude a quiet strength, day after day, and night after night will over time bring civility and decorum into sharper focus in our communities. Seeing a Black man express his anger with dignity and without “cursing people out” in the most pressurized of situations is a positive that I look forward to seeing.

Again, the cynics will see little to no value in any of this. But the parent raising a child in the inner-city or the burbs knows this value implicitly. The school official that sees young Black children being heckled at assemblies after being given awards for excellent academic achievement knows the intrinsic value of President and First Lady Obama.

Now this is not to say that the cynics don’t have a point to make. There is a good deal of blind hero-worship of President Obama; and the fact that he is the President of all America by definition means that some of his decisions may not be pleasing to us. When the going gets particularly tough and he needs to raise approval points, he may even decide to take the “Bill Cosby” stance of blaming low-income Black people for some of the problems that confront them. When Obama is wrong or we disagree with him, we have to voice it. There’s no denying that fact.

Being President of the United States is the toughest job in the world. But like most jobs, the proof is in the pudding. If President Barack Obama is able to turn the American Economy around and loosen the grip of partisan politics, he will be viewed as an excellent president. A Black man demonstrating excellence on a daily basis, in the highest office in the land, will bolster our ambitions; and equally important, it will soften the stereotypes of black people that still infect much of American society. If a cynic can’t see that bolstered ambitions and the erosion of stereotypes are a major impact on the Black Community, then I only have one question: What impact would a McCain Presidency have had on our community?

Copyright © 2009 Roland Laird co-author of Still I Rise: A Graphic History of African Americans

Barack Obama’s Connections to Socialism, Communism and Racial Divisiveness

December 15th, 2009
Dee Gerrish asked:

There’s no need for a long introduction…this article will “speak” for itself. The following is a list of Barack Obama’s connections to socialism, communism, Marxism, racial divisiveness, and political corruption. If you can ignore this and still support the man who refuses to disclose much of his past, then you should not be voting in November.

The Early Mentors and Influences

Barack Hussein Obama Sr. – Barack’s father was an African socialist. While he was not with his son for much of Barack Jr.’s childhood, they did keep in touch through routine correspondence according to the memoir, Dreams From My Father.

Stanley Ann Dunham – Barack’s mother was a 60′s liberal feminist and an atheist – all the makings of a rebellious, 60′s-era, left-wing radical. There is little written about Barack’s mother and her political views, but from what is known, she was certainly on the left of the political spectrum.

Frank Marshall Davis – “Frank,” as Barack Obama refers to him in his book, Dreams From My Father, was a member of the Communist Party (USA). He was also a former community organizer in Chicago. As a youth, Barack was treated to many of Davis’ rants about white supremacy, white Christianity, and undoubtedly was aware of Davis’ pro-Soviet writings. In his memoir, Barack merely says he was “intrigued” by Davis.

Saul Alinsky – Mr. Alinsky was an avid and open socialist and the king of social activism, commonly called the “father of community organizing.” He created many organizations that relied on street agitation tactics, such as the Industrial Areas Foundation, which trained Obama in organizing tactics. He wrote the book, Rules for Radicals, which outlined many of the tactics used today in community organizing campaigns. Barack Obama worked with the Developing Communities Project and the Gamaliel Foundation – both inspired by Saul Alinsky’s tactics and socialist philosophy. Barack even wrote a chapter on community organizing in the book, After Alinsky. Saul Alinsky’s son, Lee David Alinsky, recently praised Obama on his ability to perform Saul’s tactics, saying that Barack “learned his lesson well.”

John L. McKnight – Referred to as Obama’s “community organizer mentor,” McKnight taught Barack about community organizing while they were both working with the Gamaliel Foundation – a Saul Alinsky production. John McKnight is also a former ACLU director and sits on the board of the National People’s Action (NPA), another leftist community organizing group. He teaches at Northwestern University  and he wrote a letter of recommendation to Harvard for Obama.

Radical Faith Testimonials

Reverend Jeremiah Wright – “Uncle J” was Barack’s former pastor and mentor at Trinity United Church of Christ. The philosophy of the Church is based on the teachings of James Cone’s black liberation theology. Cone admits that his theology is a mix of “black religion and Marxist philosophy.” Wright’s fiery anti-white, anti-capitalist, and anti-United States sermons landed him in a media controversy that eventually led to Barack’s denouncement of him in the spring of 2008, after 20 years of friendship. Wright had married Barack and Michelle and had baptized their two children. The pastor has also worked with Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, and his church’s magazine, Trumpet, has given Farrakhan a lifetime achievement award with praise coming from Wright.

The black liberation theology that is practiced at Trinity is based on James Cone’s version of the religion. He has stated that Trinity represents the most accurate interpretation of his theology. Among the ideas expressed by Cone is the notion that “black religion and Marxist philosophy may show us the way to build a completely new society.” He also believes that “to be black is to be committed to destroying everything this country loves and adores.” Recently, reports have stated that Cone believes nothing Barack Obama has said or written in his books and speeches contradicts Cone’s black liberation theology. Obama has simply blunted the more “radical edge.” On the other hand, Reverend Wright seems to have a firm grasp on what his theology represents – and he was able to influence Barack Obama with it for 20 years.

Father Michael Pfleger – This seemingly out-of-place white priest with a predominantly black congregation in South Chicago has had a relationship with Obama for nearly 20 years as well. He has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in earmarks and foundation grants from Obama and has contributed to Barack’s multiple political campaigns. He had appeared on Barack’s campaign website under the “Faith” category, but he has since been removed. Much like Wright, Father Pfleger spews fiery racial sermons and gives his support and admiration to Louis Farrakhan. According to Wright’s Trumpet magazine, Pfleger also claims he “got very educated by the [Black] Panthers – very educated.”

Domestic Terrorism and Social “Reform”

William Ayers – Mr. Ayers is an unrepentant domestic terrorist and an anti-capitalist. He was a leader of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in the 1960′s and one of the militant spin-offs, the terrorist Weather Underground organization. These organizations were comprised of communist (“small ‘c’”) and anti-capitalist radicals. Part of Ayers’ Weather Underground strategy was to align with black revolutionary organizations like the Black Panther Party because among other things, they felt “white America” exploited black people and they were taken to the military-like discipline exhibited by those groups. Their activities included bombing police stations, the Capitol Building, and the Pentagon. In recent years, Ayers has publicly stated that he is not sorry for what he did and wishes that he had done more. He has been photographed stomping on the American flag and says the idea that the United States is a fair and just nation “makes me want to puke.” He has also given speeches in Venezuela praising the efforts in education that the Hugo Chavez regime has been making…efforts that he has been trying to implement in the Chicago school system for decades.

Bill Ayers served for six years on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) with Barack Obama. Both men headed up separate branches of the CAC that worked together on project funding. He also served on the board of the Woods Fund with Obama for three years. In 1995, Ayers hosted the event at his house which would become the kick-start to Obama’s political career. In that “meet-and-greet,” Alice Palmer handed over her Illinois State Senate reins to Barack (more on that later). Ayers wrote a book on the juvenile justice  system which Barack endorsed warmly, then the two were on a panel set up by Michelle Obama to discuss the merits of the book and current (at the time) legislation on the subject – which both Ayers and Obama opposed, as well as Bernardine Dohrn. Barack also taught classes at the University of Illinois-Chicago, where Ayers is a faculty member. In 2002, the Black Radical Congress (BRC) hosted a panel discussion at the University of Illinois-Chicago called “Intellectuals in Times of Crisis.” Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, and three endorsers of the BRC were on this panel. Contrary to the protestations by the Obama campaign, Bill Ayers is more than “just a guy” who lives in Barack’s neighborhood.

Bernardine Dohrn – She is the wife of Bill Ayers and a former radical herself. Dohrn was the leader of the Revolutionary Youth Movement of the SDS and the Weather Underground. She was also a signatory of the Weather Underground’s “Declaration of War” against the United States. She was a communist (Marxist-Leninist) and is a convicted criminal for her actions in the violent radical groups she was involved with throughout the 60′s and 70′s, particularly the aforementioned bombings. Dohrn later obtained a position at Sidley & Austin, the law firm where Michelle Obama worked. Dohrn’s father-in-law, Tom Ayers, owned a company which had received long-time outside counsel from Sidley. She obtained her position at Sidley & Austin through Howard Trienens, a senior partner. Trienens, Tom Ayers, and Sidley partner Newton Minow, all served on the board of trustees at Northwestern University. Dohrn is now an adjunct professor at Northwestern.

Mike Klonsky – He was a Maoist, a former SDS national chairman (1968), and formed the “October League” when the SDS broke into several factions. The October League later became the Beijing-recognized U.S. Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist), of which Klonsky became a leader in the 70′s, traveling to China and praising the Maoist leadership. He took over the Small Schools Workshop which was created by Ayers, when Ayers headed up the CAC in 1995. The CAC, with Barack as one of its chairs, continued to fund the Workshop throughout the CAC’s existence. Klonsky was also an official blogger for the Obama presidential campaign website in 2008.

Marilyn Katz – She oversaw security for the SDS, where she met Ayers. She was part of the Committee of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, which organized the 2002 anti-war speech in Chicago where Barack Obama famously spoke out against the Iraq War. Katz is a signatory of the Progressives for Obama website and the founder of Chicagoans Against War on Iraq. She also happens to have played poker games with Judson Miner, the liberal lawyer who hired Obama upon his return to Chicago after graduating Harvard Law School. Obama met Katz through the Miner Barnhill & Galland law firm. Miner was also a law school classmate of Bernardine Dohrn at the University of Chicago in the 60′s. Katz has held fundraisers for Obama in her home and is a media advisor for the Obama presidential campaign.

Carl Davidson – He was a former leader of the SDS and a Maoist, like Klonsky. He was also one of the organizers for the 2002 anti-war speech. Davidson is the webmaster for the website, Progressives for Obama, which posts blogs from other 60′s radicals like Tom Hayden and Bill Fletcher, who created the website and its agenda.

Bill Fletcher – As mentioned, he was a 60′s radical (a Maoist) and is one of the creators of the Progressives for Obama website. While there is no evidence of a direct connection to the Obama campaign, he has endorsed the call of the Black Radical Congress along with Obama advisor Cornel West and has connections to others that are directly involved with Obama and his campaign.

Incestuous Relationships and Friendly Donations

Woods Fund – In 1993, Barack Obama became a board member with the Woods Fund. A man named Ken Rolling was a program officer with the fund at the time. During the late 80′s the Woods Fund gave grants to the Developing Communities Project, where Obama had worked as a community organizer. At the time, the Woods Fund was supporting the Chicago Local School Councils (LSC’s) which were created from the 1988 Chicago School Reform Act. Bill Ayers was involved with establishing these LSC’s along with his brother John, who was a leader in the LSC’s and became head of the Leadership for Quality Education (LQE) in 1993. The LQE was a group formed at the time of the Reform Act and was supported by a local business lobby that wanted to use the LQE as a means to train the LSC’s. Ayers joined Obama on the board of the Woods Fund in 1999 and they worked together there until 2002.

Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) – Bill Ayers played a seminal role in the creation of the CAC. One of the main goals of the Challenge was to build on the 1988 Reform Act and the LSC’s, which he supported and in which his brother was involved. In 1995, the CAC began its operations with Barack Obama as Chairman of the Board. Bill Ayers was co-chair of the Chicago School Reform Collaborative, one of three branches of the CAC – the Board being another. Ken Rolling was brought in from the Woods Fund as Executive Director. In the first year a $175,000 grant was awarded to the Small Schools Workshop which was founded by Ayers but control was turned over to fellow radical, Mike Klonsky, once Ayers began the CAC. Obama and Ayers worked together in the CAC from 1995 until its end in 2001. That year, the CAC came to an end but handed startup funds over to Penny Pritzker and the Chicago Public Education Fund (CPEF). Pritzker is now part of the fundraising operation in the Obama campaign. In 2003, the CAC’s own report admitted that the ultimate goal of the CAC – to improve academic achievement – was a failure. Regardless of the outcome, it is plain that the goals for Ayers and Obama were similar…and knowing Ayers’ past, it isn’t something that should be taken with a grain of salt.

Sidley & Austin – This is the Chicago law firm that brought in Obama as a summer associate in 1989. It’s also the firm where Michelle Obama worked and reportedly met Barack for the first time. Sidley had been outside counsel to Tom Ayers’ company, Commonwealth Edison. Howard Trienens, the partner that handled Commonwealth Edison, hired Bernardine Dohrn at Sidley. Trienens was on the board of trustees at Northwestern with Tom Ayers, Dohrn’s father-in-law, and Newton Minow, another Sidley partner.

ACORN – Obama has extensive ties to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, as do his two prominent spiritual influences, Wright and Pfleger. Obama’s Developing Communities Project and his “Project VOTE” campaign worked closely with ACORN. Both the Woods Fund and Joyce Foundation – where Obama sat on both boards – gave frequent donations to ACORN. He filed a successful lawsuit on behalf of ACORN to enforce the “motor-voter” law in Illinois. Madeleine Talbot, a former ACORN leader in Chicago, hired Obama to train her staff on organizing tactics. Talbot was arrested for a protest that broke into a Chicago City Council session in 1997. In return for training Chicago ACORN leaders in community organizing techniques, Obama received their help with his political campaigns. Obama had also joined with ACORN to try to overturn Indiana’s voter I.D. laws, but the Supreme Court rejected their complaint.

What is ACORN’s record? In St. Louis, eight local ACORN workers were indicted on charges related to voter fraud from fake information on registration forms in 2006. One of the eight pleaded guilty in March. Seven workers were indicted on felony charges in Seattle because of phony registration forms and some of the workers already had criminal records. Three workers pleaded guilty in 2007 and ACORN eventually settled the largest case of voter fraud in Washington State history, paying $25,000 in restitutions. Similar problems are being investigated in at least twelve other states. ACORN’s political action committee (PAC) has endorsed Barack Obama for president.

Notable Friends and Advisors

Linda Darling-Hammond – Currently an education advisor to the Obama presidential campaign, Darling-Hammond has some less obvious connections to the leftist agenda, so it will take a little longer to define them. She has writings and has supported the notion of an “education debt” which is said to plague minority communities. This concept is a product of another educator, Gloria Ladson-Billings. Ladson-Billings is one of the pioneers of the phrase “education debt,” which is apparently the by-product (at least in part) of a reparations agenda pushed by people like the factually-incorrect and racist, Randall Robinson and books like, The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks. In 2006, Ladson-Billings gave her Presidential Address to the leftist-tainted American Educational Research Association (AERA) in which she spoke about repaying the “education debt.” She also announced the selection of Darling-Hammond to the Association’s governing council that same week. As it turns out, Bill Ayers was recently elected as an AERA vice-president (but for some reason, he no longer appears on their website as a VP of curriculum studies.)

Darling-Hammond and Ladson-Billings also appear together in two different liberal education programs, the Forum for Education and Democracy (FED) and the Economic Policy Institute’s (EPI) “Bold Approach.” Both of these programs preach the concept of “social justice,” which seems to be code for socialist redistribution programs. And they both have more connections to Bill Ayers. Ladson-Billings has contributed writings for Ayers-edited books, she’s been a co-editor with Ayers, and wrote a forward to another of his books. Darling-Hammond, who has taken up the agenda of the two liberal programs, including the notion of the reparations-inspired “education debt,” and is a long-time member of the AERA, has also had her writings appear in an Ayers-edited book. Ayers obviously supports the liberal agenda of both of these educators, the two programs, and the AERA, as does Mike Klonsky, who is a co-signer of the “Bold Approach” agenda.

Laurence Tribe – Mr. Tribe was one of Barack’s professors/mentors at Harvard. He co-founded and is on the board of advisors of the American Constitution Society (ACS), a leftist counter to the Federalist Society. The ACS defines itself as promoting the “progressive” agenda in law. Mr. Tribe has been accused of plagiarizing in one of his books and believes animals should have legal standing to sue humans and businesses. He is on a short list of possible Supreme Court nominees if Obama wins the presidential election and is currently an advisor to his campaign.

Charles Ogletree – He is another one of Barack’s Harvard professors/mentors and an advocate for reparations for slavery, despite the fact that he believes reparations could cost the government trillions of dollars – and the fact that those trillions would come from the taxpayers, including other black people. He has also been accused of plagiarizing, like his colleague Laurence Tribe, and is currently an advisor to the Obama campaign.

Cornel West – Mr. West defines his political ideology as “non-Marxist socialist.” He is an anti-capitalist and honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America. He is a contributor/signatory to the Progressives for Obama website and has endorsed the Black Radical Congress’ (BRC) call for a “renewed struggle.” He appeared together with Reverend Jeremiah Wright on a panel called “Faith as a Weapon: Spirituality and the Role of the Church in the Radical Movement” hosted by the newly formed BRC in 1998. West was also involved in the Million Man March and has many other connections to the ****** and anti-Israeli, Louis Farrakhan.

Alice Palmer – She is a former executive board member of the U.S. Peace Council (a communist front group), which is an affiliate of the World Peace Council (a Soviet front group). In 1983, she attended the World Peace Council’s Prague Assembly. Palmer wrote an article in the People’s Daily World – a CPUSA newspaper – describing how impressive the Soviet system was when she attended the 27th Congress of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union. When she decided to give up her Illinois Senate seat in an effort to win an election for U.S. Representative, she identified Barack Obama as her successor in the State Senate. She held a “meet-and-greet” at the home of Bill Ayers for Obama’s introduction into the Illinois political arena.

Antoin “Tony” Rezko – The relationship between Obama and Rezko goes back to 1990. That year, Tony Rezko offered Obama a job with his housing development business, but Obama declined. They remained friends ever since and Rezko became one of Obama’s biggest campaign contributors. Over the years, Barack has obtained millions of dollars in grants for Rezko to build inner-city housing. However, many of these properties have been plagued by financial misdeeds and problems with infrastructure and maintenance. One project for a senior-citizens complex garnered $14 million for Rezko and his business partner, Allison Davis – an Obama fundraiser and former boss at the law firm then named Davis Miner Barnhill & Galland. At the time Obama’s letter was written asking for legislative support for the project, Cottage View Terrace, Obama was a lawyer with Miner Barnhill & Galland – the same law firm but without Davis as a partner. The firm had several companies owned by Rezko and Davis as clients, but not New Kenwood LLC which was in charge of Cottage View Terrace. Tony Rezko was recently convicted of several felonies involving corruption and kickbacks to various Chicago politicians.

In June 2005, Barack Obama and Tony Rezko purchased adjacent properties on the same day and from the same owner in Chicago. Obama paid $300,000 below the asking price while Rezko paid full price. At the time, it was already known that Rezko was under investigation for criminal charges. In January of 2006, Mrs. Rezko sold a ten foot strip of property to Obama. When asked about the questionable circumstances surrounding the purchase of the two properties, Obama apologized and said his actions were “boneheaded.”

Rashid Khalidi – Mr. Khalidi is a Palestinian political activist and a professor at Columbia University. For six years in Beirut, he was the director of WAFA, the official Palestinian press agency where his wife had also worked as chief editor of the English section. Mr. Khalidi has also worked with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) during the height of its terrorist campaigns in the Middle East. While in Chicago, the Khalidi’s created the Arab American Action Network (AAAN), an anti-Israeli group, and received $75,000 in grants from the Woods Fund when Obama and Ayers were on the board. Khalidi has also held fundraisers for Obama and the Obama’s have had many dinners at the Khalidi’s home in Chicago. Khalidi also started the website Electronic Intifada – an anti-Israeli site – with Ali Abunimah, another Obama associate. Both Khalidi and Abunimah have considered Obama a friend and ally to their cause.

Robert Malley – This former “informal” foreign policy advisor to the Obama campaign resigned in May 2008 due to allegations that he was meeting with members of the terrorist organization, Hamas. Malley dismissed his meetings with these contacts as simply being part of his job. But he is also anti-Israeli with a long list of op-ed articles – some co-authored by former Yasser Arafat advisors – with a revisionist slant and intent to denounce Israeli attempts for peace and security. Not surprisingly, Malley’s father was a fervent anti-Western, “Third-Worldist” who wrote about liberation “struggle” – leftist code for anti-capitalism and pro-socialist/communist movements.

Other Supporters of Obama and/or His Policies

Hugo Chavez – Venezuelan dictator

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – President of Iran

Fidel Castro – Cuban dictator

Party of European Socialists

Louis Farrakhan – Supreme Minister, Nation of Islam

Democratic Socialists of America

Communist Party USA (CPUSA)

Frank Chapman – Member of U.S. Peace Council Executive Committee (an FBI-identified communist front group)

Mark Solomon – National co-chair, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism

Joel Wendland – Managing editor of CPUSA online magazine Political Affairs: Marxist Thought Online

Pepe Lozano – Leader in the Chicago Youth Communist League and editorial board member of CPUSA newspaper, People’s World Weekly

Closing Thoughts

These are not just associations. All of these connections are family members, close friends and “mentors,” and affiliations/organizations that Obama willingly participated with and in – and financially supported. If Barack doesn’t know about their past and their political ideologies, then he is oblivious to his surroundings and does not belong in the White House as the leader of our country. If he knew about these things but didn’t think they mattered, then he is beyond naïve and does not belong in the White House. If he knew about these things and openly welcomed it, then he’s just downright dangerous and does not belong on a local school board, let alone in the White House.

All of these incestuous relationships directly place Barack Obama deep inside the socialist/communist movements in Chicago. His plans and policies are radical and his associations and partners are mostly on the very far left of politics. Socialism and communism are not – and shouldn’t be – acceptable philosophies in this country, especially from a person running for president. This isn’t simply a matter of “guilt by association.” These relationships are long-lasting and ingrained into Barack’s political philosophy and ideology. There’s a reason why he will do anything and everything it takes to ignore, deny, or denounce every one of these associations once they are brought to the public’s attention.

Is this guilt by association? Not at all. These associations demonstrate a pattern of relationships with leftist radicals, criminally corrupt developers, and racially divisive activists. These relationships are not a matter of happenstance either. Barack sought out these groups from his early days. He did not grow up in Chicago – he chose to live there. His associations are a direct result of his decision-making and his chosen path to political power. He willingly participated in socialist-minded groups and worked with radicals and unrepentant criminals. He is beyond dangerous to this republic of ours and his policies are beyond destructive.

For all of the voters going to the polls in November to vote for change:

You have been warned.

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Challenges ahead for Barack Obama

December 13th, 2009

Barack Obama completes 100 days in office on 30 April 2009. It is a good precedent adopted by many to look back and take stock of the positive as well as the negative aspects and if in need of formulating better policy initiatives, both internal and external in the days to come. The youthful President took charge of affairs at a time when US was (and is) facing uphill tasks on the economic front which is still in doldrums or in a shambles. The financial melt-down is still a looming threat to all nations across the world which had its genesis in US, thanks to the unregulated free market economy adopted by the Republican Party (GoP) and its leaders.

Mr.George W Bush, the former President, a Republican who “carved a niche for himself” in formulating a policy affecting both internal and external affairs (thus he became the beloved of all) handed over power on a platter to Obama. Obama was by then kept abreast of all the developments which were not to his liking and hence was not alarmed or embarrassed.


While on his whirlwind tour of US to campaign for his Presidential candidature, he reminded the electorate of gigantic tasks ahead and appealed for their co-operation to surmount the obstacles one by one.


“We must throw ourselves up from the deep pit we have fallen in” – was his message to his supporters.


“While the Wall Street thrives, we should not allow the main street to suffer”- were also his famous words to the American citizen. Those words indicated his determination to rescue the economy from the deep ditch which found itself in as a result of eight years of misrule by the GoP.


With good intentions he proceeded to build up the economy, pumped $787 billion and later pumped more into the economy to bail-out banks, other institutions and for health-care across America. Obama is an advocate of Keynesian theory of economics is not on good terms with free-market economy which is unregulated and it always argues “markets always correct themselves” and there is no need of interference by the government. But that was not to be. The experience proved it with the crumbling down of the economic policies adopted by the former government and its economists like Alan Greenspan.  


A man reputed for his coolness, diplomacy and cordiality- Obama is known for these qualities- lost his cool after assuming power, when he came to learn about the huge sums of bonuses sanctioned by the executives of AIG (American International Group)-the World’s largest insurance company which was bailed out with pumping in of tax payers’ money-to themselves. The bureaucrats had no regard for the failing economy and its after-effects like recession and retrenchment were notorious for their selfishness and greed which are characteristics of a capitalist economy. After his scathing attack and with the Government’s decision to impose 90 percent tax on the bonuses they had sanctioned to themselves-some of them returned the amounts in full-not all of them. The bureaucrats of the Citi group also followed suit and they were also forced to remit the bonus back.

Still the damage control exercise is going on but the formidable tasks are still staring in the face of President Obama. Not cowed down by the threats ahead, Obama moves with brimming confidence is a good sign. After the first round of G20 Summit hosted by George Bush to bail-out the global economy in Washington, the then President on 15 November, the second round of the Summit was in London, hosted by Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Britain on April 2-3. Indian Prime Minister ManMohanSingh was also a participant in the Summit. The deliberations adopted there, if implemented in letter and spirit could be of helpful to a certain extent to the nations across the World - all are tasting the bitter fruits of economic down-turn – such as increasing the fund of IMF from $250 billion to $750 billion with the intention of extending help to needy nations to bail-out their economies and to help the member countries to get back huge amounts of unaccounted money stashed in safe havens like Liechenstein Bank in Germany and UBS in Switzerland by the political leaders and industrial tycoons.


Something is better than nothing- it is said. Differences there were, like France and Germany joining hands against encouraging bail-outs, instead they advocated for strict regulations and Britain and US on the other side giving more importance to bail-outs.


With more and more countries turning to the Left- last week Iceland, which was one of the safe havens for black money also turned to the left- after a colossal financial turmoil, still the apostles of Capitalism are busy deliberating on their next steps to bring back the free-market economy through the backdoor.


Obama, after the Summit flew into Germany first, then to France, Czech Republic and his last stop was Turkey. It was a historic tour, he got a chance to display his diplomatic potentials at everywhere he went befriending all without sowing the seeds of animosity, hatred and one-upmanship. The election of Anders Fogh Rasmussen , the former Prime Minister of Denmark as the new Chairman of NATO was a fine example of winning the hearts of everybody in the selection of Rasmussen . As far as Turkey is concerned Rasmussen was a hated figure from the very day a derogatory cartoon of Allah was published in a Danish Newspaper by its cartoonist. But Obama could prevail upon Turkish leaders cajoling them into agreeing for the appointment of Mr. Rasmussen as the NATO Chairman. A defining example of Obama’s statesmanship.


Similarly holding out an olive branch to Iran, which was on collision terms with US during the Bush era and the simultaneous reciprocating gesture by the Iranian authorities is also a step forward, though it is not a great leap, in establishing peace after a long gap. Both countries have a lot of ground to cover to establish durable peace in the trouble prone-area.


One remarkable step forward anyhow is the fifth historic meeting of the Organisation of American States held at Trinidad-Tobago last week. It was an ideal occasion for Obama and the Latin American countries to forget the past and pave the way for camaraderie. Obama’s moment with Hugo Chavez, the Venezeulan Head must have been an unforgettable experience. Chavez’s presentation of the renowned book by Edwardo Galeano titled- “Open Veins of Latin America”- to Obama was  reported with much prominence by the International media. But Cuba is still elusive and it is for Obama to take initiative to bridge gaps with the Latin American Communist nation, which is still undergoing sanctions slapped by US in 1948. Sixty years of mutual rivalry has to be put an end to, a new era of friendship and co-operation established. Cuba had to endure many a hardship on account of the frequent and indirect efforts by US to undermine the leadership, especially of the greatest revolutionary of our times Comrade Fidel Castro. CIA, US Intelligence agency in the past vainfully tried several times to physically eliminate him from the whole scene.


Anyhow past is past, now it is an opportune moment to lift the embargo and pave the way for lasting friendship


Keeping in mind all these positive aspects in mind propensity or could we say aspiration for remaining always at the top of the ladder is somewhat puzzling. The dream of a Uni-polar World still remains at the top of any US head’s agenda. A multi-polar World- that is not to any President’s liking. A mystery.


The ongoing crisis in Iraq, an exploding situation confronting Afghanistan and Pakistan and Obama’s undesirable interest and pumping of huge sums to Pakistan to tackle terrorism actually belie our expectations of this young leader.


He has ample time to learn. It is pertinent here to note, he has taken only a few steps ahead. Let us wish him all success in his endeavour to bring peace and prosperity on the occasion of his completion of hundred days in office.






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Obama’s Campaign of Hope Now Has a Prayer

December 3rd, 2009
James William Smith asked:

Hillary Clinton had run a disciplined, mistake-free campaign for the first nine months of 2007. She had been able to portray herself as an experienced candidate for change. By contrast, the Obama campaign had an anemic nine months on the campaign trail without a clear message or momentum. Mrs. Clinton had Obama in a tough political spot.

To remain competitive in the race, Barack Obama needed to attack Mrs. Clinton as a candidate. The attack ads and negative campaigning would have left Obama open to criticism of abandoning his campaign’s primary theme of hope. It would challenge his assertion that he was a different kind of politician and it would appear to the voting public as a cynical attempt by him to get back in the race. Obama would look desperate and Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for the Democratic nomination would be inevitable.

However, Obama never had to go “negative” because Mrs. Clinton started making a series of unforced mistakes. Her political mistakes from late September through early December have allowed the Obama campaign to surge into the lead in the first voting state of Iowa. In addition Obama has moved back into contention in the state primary in New Hampshire.

Clinton started her parade of mistakes in the debate of September 26, 2007. Her handling of a hypothetical question on terrorist torture from moderator Tim Russert was inconsistent with answers she has given on that same question posed to her in the past.

The mistakes continued for Hillary in the Democratic debate of October 30, 2007. Her answer to a debate question concerning granting illegal aliens drivers licenses was incoherent. She appeared to take a position on both sides of the issue within about sixty seconds. Her performance validated her Democratic opponent’s claim that she was trying to parse her position on issues and have it both ways.

Next, Bill Clinton showed up stumping for votes for Hillary in Iowa to remind us how slick and parsing he can be. In Iowa, it was all about Bill and little about Hillary on the campaign trail. Bill even tried to convince us that he was against the Iraq war from the beginning, which is clearly not true. It sounded like Bill Clinton was running again and reminded the voting public about the fact that in electing Hillary, we would get Team Clinton back for President in the White House. This back to the future Clinton reminder to the voting public did not go over well.

Then, the voters got to see a Hillary Clinton interview with Katie Couric. This interview should have been a positive thing for Hillary. However, her poll numbers continued to drop after her appearance. In this interview, Hillary told Katie Couric that she has never contemplated losing this election. That she had not even considered the possibility that she would lose. The manner which she handle that question appeared presumptious to many voters. In fact, it fed into the negative image many people have of Hillary’s need and hunger for power. It was a continuation of the impression that she would say anything to win.

These mistakes from the Hillary Clinton campaign have helped to tighten the Democratic race for the 2008 Presidential nomination just weeks before the first vote is to be cast in Iowa. Barrack Obama clearly has the momentum in the race. Now it will be Hillary Clinton who will have to go negative to try and slow his campaign down.

For Obama to win the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008, he must win Iowa in a decisive fashion. He also must win in New Hampshire or Hillary Clinton will absorb the Iowa defeat and move on. If Obama wins in Iowa and New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton would be reeling and John Edwards would be out of the race. The Edwards vote would probably move to Obama and he would have a chance to defeat Clinton, one-on-one in the subsequent primaries. Democratic voters would certainly be questioning Hillary’s prospects as a candidate against the Republican Presidential nominee in the general election in 2008. A primary election battle between Clinton and Obama could go unresolved for weeks since Obama has the campaign war chest to contest Clinton in every primary state.

An Obama victory against Hillary Clinton is still a long shot. However, a series of unforced Hillary Clinton mistakes since September 26, 2007 have allowed Obama to remain competitive. Indeed, the result of her political mistakes have, at the very least, given Barack Obama’s campaign of hope a prayer.

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Obama Philosophy – Socialism 101

December 1st, 2009
Marcia Wood asked:

First there was Frank, Bill, Jeremiah, Bernadine, Alice  and than came Obama – the spitting image of Frank.  Oops, at least the ears are the same!   Frank was the guy that took little Obama by the hand and started the brain wash job during Barack’s  teenage years.   “In Dreams of My Father.” Obama tells the world that Frank was the strong influence and the man who helped Obama find his lost identity. 

Frank and friends had lived in Chicago for some 20 plus years and knew it was ripe for a young Obama to move in and start his “Chess game.”  Ripe, because Chicago was notorious for its violence and corruption – all Obama needed to do was light the flame and keep agitating the people until a bon fire erupted. 

Chicago was where Obama went from a toddler wrapped in liberalistic paraphernalia to a marathon runner equipped with tools of the extreme liberalist and radicals.  Frank, Ayers and Wright, along with a few women served as Obama’s mentors and prepared their student well – Obama jumped into community activities, analyzed the hot spots of the various communities and strategically started the fires. 

Obama didn’t exactly lead anyone or anything, but he mastered the art of using tax payer’s money to fund his radical channels.   If there’s one thing this man can do adeptly, its raising tons of money, note I didn’t say honest money – I just said money.

Stage left, in comes Mayor Harold Washington and his communist buddies who helped Obama makes his way to the Illinois Senate.  Washington was pretty much a “shoo in” when he ran for the office of mayor, because his campaign was backed by the Unions, many churches and special interest groups and getting Obama into the Illinois Senate was a pretty easy task for Washington and his Chicago gang. 

Remember, truth is not relevant literally non-existent during the radical’s feeding frenzy on the less fortunate.  Knowing how to control the masses is the secret – Obama knows that power comes from convincing those who “have not” that they can take power away from those who “have.”  

So Obama’s job during this Presidential Race is to fuel the fire, create discontent, anger and confusion in the “have nots.”   The “have nots” are much like a flock of geese and their only job is to follow the leader.   Obama keeps the “have nots” hungry, wanting more, dreaming of what may be and he constantly changes the game plan or tactics so the troops don’t experience boredom. 

 The Obama philosophy is “power in numbers,” never letting the right hand know what the left is doing and tearing down the opponent’s defense.   He loves to hit below the belt as we saw with Governor Sarah Palin and Biden was chosen over Hillary for one reason only.  Obama couldn’t control Hillary and frankly was afraid of her, but Biden was somewhat like the stray out on the streets who would sit up and bark or shake hands for a few pats and a pot full of earmarks. 

Now, Senator Obama with the help of Acorn, Project Vote and all his “pet” radical groups are showing Americans their uncanny control over our voting system.  The officials at the polls are overwhelmed, over worked and totally confused, which is exactly what Obama and friends have counted on with their devious tactics.  Obama plays stupid and Acorn just laughs all the way to the bank with their $ 800,000 dollars. 

So America if you want an honest man, a real leader and one who places country first and foremost on his agenda – vote for senator McCain.  If you want a deceitful, smooth talking attorney with lots of money who places radicals first, poor next and completely ignores the “middle class,” then Obama’s your man.

By the way, if you’re interested in Frank – just start surfing for Frank Marshall Davis: he was a great friend of Obama’s grandfather and a mentor to Barack Obama.  

See you later @

As Always, Annie

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Obama Mania

November 23rd, 2009
Mandy Malone asked:

Barack Obama began his term in the Senate in 2005 for the state of Illinois. On February 10, 2007, he officially announced his candidacy for president of the United States. His historic campaign and subsequent election led to a fever in this country; a fever known as Obama mania. Much has led to the mania, but Obama himself has led to most of it. Obama is a man of great charisma and influential articulation; this combined with the country’s eagerness for change has led to this Obama mania in the United States and abroad.

People seem to come out of the woodwork when it comes to expressing their belief that Obama is the man who shall clean up our great nation. Oprah certainly added to the furor when she publicly endorsed Barack Obama. She said she felt he is “the One,” as if he were a messiah. Savior or not, we have yet to see, but the hope sparked in that comment echoes the hopes expressed all over the country.

Obama is not your normal political candidate. A self-described “mutt,” many Americans feel they can relate to him. This is just one aspect of his unending charm and wit. I know I am not alone in this opinion, as millions publicly flaunt these same feelings. Just look at the Obama Girl! Obama did not just campaign with town hall meetings and university speeches; this man was speaking to sold-out stadiums of 50,000 or more. This is a virtually unheard of status among politicians.

Even other countries are catching this Obama mania fever. Foreign nationals the world over were watching on election night as America declared Obama its president. Kenya, where Obama’s father hails from, declared November 5th a national holiday. Couples around the globe named their newborns after the President-elect. Obama mania is sure to stick around!

In a campaign full of historic significance, Obama stood out. Running in the primaries against the most formidable of female candidates, Barack showed he can take on the goliaths of Washington. Then, in the actual election, with opposition from yet another historic opponent, he showed that America can rise above its past. On Election Day, 2008, the United States made history and the Obama mania flames were fueled once again.

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Obama Appears Inevitable While Clinton Only Has Hope

November 23rd, 2009
James William Smith asked:

Political pundits are beginning to sense an end to the Presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. Last week Peggy Noonan wrote a column questioning how gracious Hillary Clinton would be in defeat. This week **** Morris predicted an eventual nomination victory for Barack Obama and the end of the pursuit of the White House by the former First Lady.

So are these pundits correct? Is the race for the Democratic party nomination over? Will it in fact be Barack Obama and John McCain in a race for the White House in the fall? Since at this point in the campaign it is all about the delegate count, let’s look at the possibilities.

The delegate count after last night’s Potomac Primaries is still very close with Obama leading Clinton by just 67 delegates (1242 to 1175) according to CBS News. The magic number for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination is 2025. Nevertheless the campaign of Hillary Clinton certainly appears to be in big trouble.

Hillary Clinton has lost every primary and caucus since Super Tuesday and her prospects for victory are slim for the rest of the month of February. She has loaned her campaign five million dollars according to various news reports. Her senior staff has been working without pay and her campaign is currently raising half of the amount of new campaign funds on a daily basis in comparison to the campaign of her opponent. She has just replaced her campaign manager.

The Clinton current campaign strategy is to conserve money and concede the remaining state primaries in February to Obama. The campaign is concentrating on winning the remaining primaries in March, April, and May. This would give Barack Obama substantial victories in all the remaining primaries in February (Hawaii, Wisconsin, and Washington). It should give him about 1300 total delegates on March 1, 2008.

This February election result would insure that Clinton would trail Obama by around 90 – 100 delegates entering the March 4, 2008 primary contests of Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont. She will have not beaten Obama in a primary or caucus for a month. To remain in the race, Clinton would need victories approaching 60% of the vote in every remaining state except Mississippi in the month of March. If she somehow pulled this result off she would have about 1436 delegates on April 1, 2007. Obama would win about 165 delegates and his total would be 1465. The dubious news for Hillary Clinton is that Obama would still remain ahead at the end of March in delegates even if Clinton ran the table in March and won each contest (except Mississippi) by a 60-40% margin.

In April, 151 delegates will be at stake in the state of Pennsylvania. Let’s assume that Hillary Clinton wins that state with 60% of the vote and captures the same proportion of delegates. Her delegate total would be 1556 to Obama’s 1522, giving her a slight lead in delegate count. There would be 214 remaining delegates for the candidates to battle for during the primaries in the month of May.

Therefore, for Hillary Clinton to regain the lead on pledged delegates from Obama, she needs to win all the primaries (except Mississippi) with at least 60% of the vote in March and April. She needs to win the primaries in Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, Wyoming, and Pennsylvania. She needs to achieve these primary victories with 60% or more of the vote. She will be outspent by the Obama campaign since he is raising more money. She also needs to produce these victories after a month of non-stop primary losses. Clinton also must realize that this is the same dubious strategy that did not turn out well for Republican Rudy Giuliani at the beginning of the 2008 election season. Based on all these factors, her chance to secure the Democratic Party nomination at this point look like a long shot indeed.

It is true that there are still about 500 remaining Democratic Party super delegates that remain uncommitted to any candidate. These delegates are Democratic party members and insiders. The problem for Hillary Clinton is that these delegates will quickly jump aboard the campaign that looks like a winner during March. After the primaries on March 4, 2008, if Obama is still ahead by at least 100 delegates and has won most of the state primaries and caucuses ( he has won 23 of the 35 to date), the super delegates will begin to endorse him in significant numbers and the Democratic race will be all but over.

The fact is that Obama has been endorsed by too many Democratic party regulars to be a victim of a back room deal that would have most of the remaining super delegates endorse Hillary Clinton. Also, the Democratic party will be careful not to allow insiders to appear to overturn the actual voting results of the primary states. However, in a last desperate attempt to stave off defeat, Hillary Clinton will probably try to use the disqualified delegates in the Michigan and Florida primaries to her advantage. These delegates were disqualified because each state moved its primary forward in the 2008 election calendar. As a result of breaking party rules the states delegates are not currently included in the delegate totals of either candidate.

In general, Hillary Clinton has to hope she can stop Obama’s political momentum very soon. Indeed, it now looks like she will be behind by nearly 100 delegates after all the February primaries are finished. One hundred delegates is a dangerous number to be trailing in this election year with the Democratic Party rule of proportionate allocation of the vote for each states delegates. Her only remaining hope is to run the table with big (twenty percentage point) wins in all the remaining primaries during the months of March, April, and May. However, her campaign’s last stand may well turn out to be on March 4, 2008 in either Ohio or Texas.

It is interesting to see how things can change so quickly in politics. Six months ago, Hillary Clinton was the candidate of inevitability and Barack Obama was the candidate of hope. In February 2008, each candidate’s prospects for the Democratic Presidential nomination are now exactly the reverse.

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What Will Barack Obama Do About Online Casinos?

November 12th, 2009
Marcus Miles asked:

Millions of people eagerly viewed the recent American election. Millions of people in millions of countries stayed up late to get the result of this landmark election. Barack Obama and John McCain had worked around the clock. They had debated, they had argued, they had spent countless dollars trying to convince the American people – the Joe plumbers, the hockey moms – to tick their box in the voting booth. After the votes were counted, only one man walked out onto the stage the winner. He was Barack Obama. Many have speculated why Obama finally won. In the end, he promised change and after two terms of George W. Bush, it was what the American public, and the world, wanted. 

Barack Obama promises a different approach to politics and a confident press conference recently suggested he was going to keep to the script that got him elected. He told journalists his actions for his first months as president. Obama set out his aims for economic revival, stimulus packages and troop withdrawal from Iraq. It’s questionable whether many reporters in the group had questions concerning online gaming.  Indeed, the 44th president probably has bigger things on his mind. He is the new representative of the American people after all.

When the issues surrounding the recession, the war and fossil fuels have subsided though, the issue of online gaming will find its way into the Whitehouse. Obama’s call on online casinos will choose the fate of gaming in the US. The most important question left remaining is what will the President decide to do; to allow online casinos to operate in the US, or not?  While the 2006 Safe Port Act prevents online gamers from wagering money on online casinos, there are some positive omens that an Obama presidency may overturn the law introduced by the outgoing president, George W. Bush.

But, there are signs of hope for online gaming players. Comments made in the past from Obama hints he’d study the pros and cons of legalising online casinos across the United States. Asked a question by reporters during his election bid, Obama said that he could see the opportunities a regulated online casino industry could bring.  Although Obama hasn’t declared that he’d reinstate online casinos in the USA, his statement has heartened many players and online operators alike.  Obama’s comments from an appearance in Las Vegas, that online casinos was a good economic factor, gave more joy to online casinos wishing to play in America again.

American players shouldn’t be too eager to log onto their nearest online casino though Obama has told a number of reporters that he’s not the biggest supporter of online casino gaming. When a president, voted into the Whitehouse on a wave of change, talks to a newspaper and explains that online casino gaming can have devastating ethical and social costs, online casino companies hoping to run their casinos in America shouldn’t start buying up domain names. He’s also had a track of anti-casino voting, blocking the increase of the Illinois gaming  arena in 1999.

A lot of online casino companies will be troubled by Barack Obama’s wavering opinion on the issue of internet casinos. Although, a President can often change his mind and there may be a possibility for online casinos in America. A possibility, but don’t start dreaming of chips and cards at the moment.

As an occasional poker player, Obama is known for his calm poker game. As a member of the Senate, Obama often indulged in games of poker. He never bet huge amounts, rarely bluffed, and always kept his hand close to his chest. Could there be any similarities between his playing and presidential methods If you ask Obama about his opinions on online casinos, will he just glance at his cards and smiles?

 Given the scale of Democratic gains in The Senate, Obama should have no problems passing a law to allow internet casinos. Whether he will is another matter altogether.  The regulation of online casinos has been seen to provide a large of tax revenue for other countries; battling against a faltering economy and seeing a strong possibility of recession the USA, will Barack Obama be able to give a good reason for keeping the law on online gaming, purely because of  any possible moral protests he may have? No one really knows until Obama starts his presidency in dark nights of January. Until Inauguration Day, American casinos will have little option but to lie back and pray to the gaming gods for a successful throw of the die.

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